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Trump Administration
  Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  March 6, 2017 2:10pm-2:13pm PST

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>> michelle kosinski over at the state department. thanks very much. joining us now, the homeland security secretary, retired general john kelly. general, mr. secretary, thanks so much for joining us. thanks for your military service as well. >> hello, wolf. >> let's get right to the specific issues. the fbi reported 300 refugees admitted to the united states are currently under investigation for potential terrorist activity. how many of those 300 are from those six muslim-majority countries on this list? >> we have heard this before, wolf. things that are under investigation, particularly the fbi at the level at which they investigate, not a lot is shared until those investigations are complete. and then passed down to the relevant agency to deal with. so i don't know how many are from those six. >> is this new intelligence that you've gotten since six weeks ago when you initially released your initial ban? >> a number of weeks ago this was intelligence that was law enforcement classified and now it's not.
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>> are most of these 300 from these six countries? can you give us a ballpark? >> no details on the investigations other than that there's roughly 300 under investigation. >> from all over the world. >> i suspect from all over the world. >> let's talk a little bit about your department of homeland security just came out with its own intelligence assessment that finds most of the foreign-born violent extremists here in the united states have been radicalized after entering the united states. this is the department of homeland security intelligence assessment, declassified, made public. does that undercut the need for this travel ban? >> if you are referring to the one that was leaked, the report that was leaked, we were actually waiting for -- this was a pre-decisional draft report. we were waiting for the fbi to provide information as to numbers which they have. so i think the report that you're referring to was pre-decisional draft. in the open press we found that there was no way we could tell
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the numbers of individuals from those seven countries. >> in general have most of the violent extremists who are being watched right now, have they been radicalized here in the united states or did they come here from another country with a plot to kill americans? >> that's what's under investigation, part of it. the 300 are refugees, not, you know, self-proclaimed radicals from inside the united states. 300 are refugees who came here from another land, and i would think the investigation will go after the -- will -- one of the parts of the investigation will be were they radicalized when they came or thereafter. >> don't you think you needed that intelligence before you release the travel ban affecting the six majority-muslim countries? >> the travel -- you refer to it, many refer to it as a travel ban. we have always looked at it as a pause from those seven nations, now